Using A “Calendar Line” To Build Habit Discipline

This trick REALLY works.  Basically you just draw a line through a day after completing your goal for that day.  As you do multiple days, that line starts to grow and become continuous.  You don’t want to break that line, so you keep doing the habit.  

The first 2 – 3 days of this is still about self discipline, but after that the system starts to take over (which is great because that’s when motivation starts to wane).

It plays off of our “completion bias,” the desire for all of the loose ends to be neatly bundled up. (That’s the same drive that Linked In uses to show the % of completion on your profile to convince you to keep filling it out and get to 100%. A strong pressure!)

I first learned of this idea here ( and have found it useful for myself and my clients!

Trying to establish a new habit? Give this a try!

Combine this habit with the 3 – 5 Daily To Do List productivity tip to get even more done!