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Start Your Business

Are you trying to figure out what you need to get a business started legitimately?

You can try to Google your way through it on your own or hire me to help you.

  1. Set up a Missouri Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.)
  2. Get your Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  3. Draft a boilerplate Operating Agreement
  4. Provide clear instructions to get your City Business License
  5. Help you determine if/when you need a Merchant License and/or Missouri Sales Tax License.
  6. Explain setting up a Business Bank Account and the importance of keeping your business finances and personal finances separate.
  7. Explain Accounting 101 so you’ll be ready to pay year-end taxes
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Scale Your Business

Is being phenomenal at your craft enough to guarantee your success?

  • How can you increase your income without sacrificing your quality of life?
  • How do you manage the increasing expenses of a growing company and ensure you have profit left over to make it worth your time and energy?
  • How can you expand your operation without losing sight of your mission?
  • How do you chart a path forward to potentially become an absentee owner or maybe sell eventually? What would that even look like?

Sell Your Business

Are you ready to get a big payday to sell the profitable business asset you have built?

I am an ABI (Accredited Business Intermediary) with the ABBA (American Business Broker’s Association) and can guide you through the process

  • How much business is your worth?
  • How do you maintain confidentiality while selling so your customers and employees don’t get spooked and create problems?
  • How can you find buyers for your business?
  • How do you screen those buyers to make sure they are qualified?
  • How do you get paid for selling your business?
  • What are the closing terms for selling your business?

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone!

“Do It Yourself” is a wonderful way to start. Business is an iterative process requiring nuanced change and adjustments especially early on.

Eventually, you run into the plateau of your abilities. An outside perspective can help get you to your goals.

Have you exhausted the help you can get from books, podcasts, internet searches, advice from friends, feedback from other business owners, and advice from family members?

Is it time to reach out to a trusted advisor who has been there?

Josh Heath
Josh Heath
Mr. Walker is a great listener and understands what it takes to get a business started. I look forward to continuing to work with him along this journey.
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas
I hired Lucus right before the pandemic and shut down, we had already started to reform my business model when the shutdown occurred, and I was in fear of losing my business, but Lucus and I worked through this time and my business actually grew. Fast forward and this year we had a record year with just over a %50 growth in business. Lucus helped me streamline my business, adjust my business plan and redefine my goals. What a great experience!
Blake Cook
Blake Cook
Lucas with Lucas Walker Business Consulting has been coaching/guiding me for over a year now. I have no intention on stopping anytime soon. If you are looking for someone to help you work through any issues you have with your business, he's your guy. He explains things simply, he's consistent, and he will help you in more words than I can convey in this review. If you are looking for an business consultant, you won't regret giving him the opportunity to help your grow your business. Your business will grow.
Rico Aviles
Rico Aviles
Lucas has been with us since the very start. He has always been honest and helped grow our business into what we are now. Thanks to Lucas we are not working in the entire tri-state area and have a good marketing campaign going.
Robert Burzynski
Robert Burzynski
Lucas has made an amazing addition to our team. Every business has a thing or two that they could improve upon; we were just fortunate enough to run into Lucas through a mutual friend, so he can help us with our needs. He is professional, and feels like a team member when we discuss business. Our consultation sessions have yielded amazing ROI thus far and I'm looking forward to even more. Something I'd like to point out is that if I have a question or need advice about something at an obscure hour, I still get a response! Thanks again, Lucas!
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Areas Of Expertise

Sales And Marketing

Develop the tools to help buyers understand how you can help solve their problems. This is the foundation of selling without being sleazy.

Time Management

The more efficient you are with your time the more productive you can be during working hours and the more personal time you can protect.

Goal Setting

Gain clarity on which actions to take and which to skip by setting achievable goals.

Financial Mastery

How to set prices, perform basic bookkeeping functions, read a Profit and Loss report, manage spending and income, and make money-informed business decisions.


Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster and can often feel lonely. It will force you to face scary problems head-on. Develop proven tools to deal with this stress.

Risk Management

Transform from reactive mode to proactive mode and start seeing further ahead to prevent future disasters is a key skill to develop.

Business Guidance To Get You To The Next Level

Each level of business growth has its own unique pain point. Save time, energy, and money by collaborating with an expert who has been there and knows the path forward.

Launch Your Business

Trying to figure out what you need to get a business started legitimately? What kind of structure do you need in place for future success? How much should you be pre-planning versus just doing it?

Grow A Successful Solo Venture

You have all the basic structure in place, but you are realizing being good at your craft isn’t enough to guarantee success. How can you increase your income to stay cash-flow positive without sacrificing your quality of life?

Build And Manage Your Team

Are you ready to start scaling your operation by adding leverage? How do you communicate your vision to other people? How do you maintain your quality when you aren’t the one personally doing the work? How do you keep the added expenses of your team from eating up more profit than they are earning you?

Become A Succesful Absentee Owner

You have a team in place but your hand always has to be steering the ship. How can you get to a place where you can trust your business is operating well and continuing to give your customers quality service without being involved in the day-to-day operations? What would your business need to look like to be ready to sell or pass down to a family member?

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