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  • Which 8 Skills Make An Entrepreneur Successful?
    Entrepreneurs ask me all the time “what are the basic skills I need to start a business? I want to read some books and learn and get ready.” Spoiler Alert: Skills are learned through application and DOING. They are NOT learned by sitting back and thinking, reading books, and listening to podcasts. We can learn…
  • Create “Find And Replace” Templates To Save Time In Your Business – Tech Tip
    This is a great technical tip for entrepreneurs to help them save time! In the early stages of starting a business, technical solutions have to be quick, easy, and cheap (or free!). This is a free trick you can use to save time in filling out detailed client forms to make the process go much…
  • Setting Up Your Branded Business Email Using Gmail “Send As”
    Did you know you can link up your branded business email account with your personal Gmail account? As a busy business owner, I know that you don’t really have the time to have to dig through a lot of technology-based problems. You need to be able to focus mostly on your business. This is one…
  • Finding Work-Life Balance As A Small Business Owner And Avoiding Burnout
    Hello entrepreneurs, I’m going to be vulnerable today. Work-life balance is one of the biggest struggles that I have had personally in business. As I talk to other owners work-life balance is one of their major struggles too! In this post, I will outline some tips and tricks to help you figure out how to…