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Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event?

Someone who understands the entrepreneurial journey and can provide clear advice, guidance, and motivation?

Someone who has honed discipline, humility, and determination through martial arts for over a decade?

Someone who has overcome having brain surgery while awake and has once again climbed back on top?

I would love to have the chance to share some of the things I have learned along the way on my journey with YOUR audience.

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What Are The Core Business Skills An Entrepreneur Needs To Be Successful?

Which 8 Skills Make An Entrepreneur Successful?

Entrepreneurs ask me all the time “what are the basic skills I need to start a business? I want to read some books and learn and get ready.” Spoiler Alert: Skills are learned through application and DOING. They are NOT learned by sitting back and thinking, reading books, and listening to podcasts. We can learn…

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Warning – Beware Of Entrepreneurial Riptides!

Hey entrepreneurs, this is a call for self-care. I’m putting out an official red flag Riptide warning to entrepreneurs right now. You are stressed out (rightfully so!), and it’s important to recognize that we’re in a Riptide event at the moment. Entrepreneurial Riptide A Riptide in the ocean is a current that keeps sucking…

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Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson
I have used Lucas to help me with multiple businesses and found his help invaluable. He has helped me start and grow businesses in the past and most recently he offered some guidance on the successful sale of my business. It was great to have someone knowledgeable in my corner.
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas
I hired Lucus right before the pandemic and shut down, we had already started to reform my business model when the shutdown occurred, and I was in fear of losing my business, but Lucus and I worked through this time and my business actually grew. Fast forward and this year we had a record year with just over a %50 growth in business. Lucus helped me streamline my business, adjust my business plan and redefine my goals. What a great experience!
Blake Cook
Blake Cook
Lucas with Lucas Walker Business Consulting has been coaching/guiding me for over a year now. I have no intention on stopping anytime soon. If you are looking for someone to help you work through any issues you have with your business, he's your guy. He explains things simply, he's consistent, and he will help you in more words than I can convey in this review. If you are looking for an business consultant, you won't regret giving him the opportunity to help your grow your business. Your business will grow.
Rico Aviles
Rico Aviles
Lucas has been with us since the very start. He has always been honest and helped grow our business into what we are now. Thanks to Lucas we are not working in the entire tri-state area and have a good marketing campaign going.
Robert Burzynski
Robert Burzynski
Lucas has made an amazing addition to our team. Every business has a thing or two that they could improve upon; we were just fortunate enough to run into Lucas through a mutual friend, so he can help us with our needs. He is professional, and feels like a team member when we discuss business. Our consultation sessions have yielded amazing ROI thus far and I'm looking forward to even more. Something I'd like to point out is that if I have a question or need advice about something at an obscure hour, I still get a response! Thanks again, Lucas!


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