Proactive Recovery Planning

While this video first debuted in July, there are so many things that are still applicable in this ever-changing environment and it is worth sharing again.

Dealing With Uncertainty In Business

As humans (and especially as business owners) we really value stability. We like to feel that we can stay on a steady upward trend and that each day, month, and year will be a little better (or at least not worse!) than the previous one.

For many years of business operations this has been a somewhat reasonable expectation.

Lately though, we have all been on a roller coaster of ups and downs at times digging ourselves out of the depths of despair, at other times feeling hopeful (but untrusting of that feeling), and at others thriving in this new environment that has shaken everything up.

So with so many unknown variables, how do you move forward with confidence?

When calculations become impossible, how do you make solid decisions?

Proactive Recovery Planning For Your Business

There is no right answer, but a great starting place is to create your own theory and assumptions as to how you expect things to go. This isn’t based on researching lots of data as it is your own gut feel.

Even better, this prediction doesn’t have to be accurate at all! The purpose isn’t to be perfect but it is to set out a predicted path. Now instead of having ALL of the variables shift you only have to worry about the ones that are DIFFERENT from what you had planned for.

What if you are “wrong”?

You thought the virus would be over in 6 months but it ends up being 18 months? 3 years? Great! That is a small adjustment and at least the choices you made in the meantime were in the right direction. Lots of variables you predicted were correct and only one has to be adjusted.

You think a second lockdown is coming after the new year but it actually comes after Thanksgiving? Or it never comes? No problem! You were already proactively preparing for a lockdown and getting your business ready at least and only the timeline changes or you benefited from additional psychological security in the meantime.

Avoid Being In Reactive Mode

Compare this to waiting and being in a reactive mode. You will be too late for every single decision. At least with a plan you won’t be stuck waiting to make decisions and you can be proactive and make things happen.

So, sit down anytime you are feeling like you are standing on quicksand and re-evaluate what you think the future may look like. This won’t be casual thoughts that come to you but will take actual focus and analytical attention but that is well worth it.

Good luck!